Notes on learning C++

These pages contain the notes I’ve been writing for myself as I work through Professional C++ (5th edition) by Marc Gregoire. They aren’t intended to serve as a tutorial on C++. That’s what the book is for! I’m writing these notes because I learn best when I write my own code and take notes as I go. Making my notes-to-self public is a useful way to force myself not to take bad shortcuts. It’s not meant to be anything more than that – I’m not an expert in C++, obviously, so it’s unwise to rely on the notes I’m writing to help myself learn! That said, the repository for these notes is and to the extent that the materials are mine, I’ve placed my notes under CC-BY licence. That said please be aware that sometimes I’ve reused or reworked code from the book (which I do not own). I think that constitutes fair use purpose of supporting my own learning and writing these notes, but of course I cannot licence someone else’s material: the aspects of this work that reproduce content from the original work remain the property of the original copyright holder. But really, why would anyone except me use these notes? Personally I wouldn’t trust me for anything related to C++. Caveat emptor, and all that :)

Part I: Introduction to professional C++

Part II: Professional C++ software design